Strete, Devon Strete

All photographs copyright Nick Shepherd

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Living Memories Project

In 2005 we launched our Living Memories project with the aim of gathering as many old photographs of the two villages as possible.

We have over 1000 historic pictures of Blackawton, Strete and the surrounding area in our database, together with some old film material, as well as recorded interviews with a number of villagers.

We hope to continue building our database of old images. So, if you have old pictures or film of Blackawton or Strete do make a call to our Living Memories Village Coordinator – Val Phillips in Strete (01803 770693), or send an email to Copying pictures for the database is so simple, and if the originals are a bit faded or damaged, we can actually make them look better – and provide you the owner with new prints. If you are worried about letting your precious old images leave the house, we can come to you.