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Welcome to the official website of Strete in Devon, England, which is managed by Strete Parish Council. Strete is about a fifteen minute drive from Dartmouth. It is to be found on the high coastal ground at the eastern end of Slapton Sands. It's a good place to stay if you like exploring the local beaches and is also convenient for Kingsbridge, Totnes and Salcombe. Strete is situated on the South West Coastal Footpath and, with a variety of accommodation in the village, it is an ideal location to take a break in your journey. Take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful AONB surroundings.

 Latest News

The Royal Marines Iron Challenge

On Sunday 19th September Iron becomes Steel with a charity triathlon event that starts at Blackpool Sands.
Click on to find out more details.

Village Day Jazz and BBQ

As a way for everyone to make up for the loss of the Village Day annual event in 2020 and this year, Strete Parish Hall has organised a Village Day BBQ for next Saturday, 18th September. It will run from 4.00 - 8.30pm. There will be a Jazz Band to entertain and a bar to keep you refreshed. Tickets are on sale at the Village Shop and cost £7.50. A burger (meat or vegetarian) or hot dog is included in the ticket price. Bring some cash for drinks. David Rothwell and Phil Cruse are manning the BBQ and real ale will be on tap at the bar.
The Parish Hall Committee have worked hard to keep the Parish Hall available for use by various organisations and for community events. Community events need your support to make them memorable.
Please come and support this event. It has been organised for everyone’s enjoyment as we move into Autumn.
Many thanks.

Tour of Britain Cycle Race - Advance Notice

Click here for information about a temporary traffic restriction received from Devon Highways together with a map of the cycle race route. This confirms a temporary ‘No Stopping Restriction’ will be in place on the A379 through Strete from 09:30am until 14:00pm to allow the Tour of Britain Cycle Race to pass safely through the village. Most people will park off-road or on side roads but some may not be able to.
The Parish Church have agreed to allow householders, who normally park along the A379 through the village to the bottom of Hynetown Road, to park in the Church Car Park. This is available from the evening of the 5th September to around mid-afternoon on the day of the race 6th September.
Strete is on the route for one of the ‘King of the Mountains’ stages which runs from Blackpool Sands to the Bus Stop before the Village Shop and Post Office. There is off street parking where this stage ends and the organisers plan to park their van there and put up a short section of barriers and flags. Vehicles that park at the off street parking bays near the Bus Stop are asked to move until the race has passed through as the organisers would like to make this an area where spectators can view the race.
Mr Robert Newman (landowner) and Mr John Gilbert (farmer) have kindly agreed that the we can make use of the land at Frogwell, approximate location on this indicative parking plan, for temporary parking during the Tour of Britain Cycle Race. This will be signed and stewarded on the day. However, if the weather and ground conditions are wet on the day of use the grass is likely to become very greasy. If this is the case, parking at this location will, regrettably, not be permitted.
The Kings Arms Car Park will be signed and stewarded for Customer Parking Only and the pub will be open from 10:00am until mid-afternoon to cater for spectators (local and visitors).
It’s recommend that people planning to watch the race should be at the roadside between 30mins and 1hr before the race is due to pass.
Timings of the race
Approximate timings that the race is expected to travel through Strete are;

  • 12:17 Arrival of lead cars
  • 12:24 – 12:40 Race travels through

Traffic Management
Outside of the start and finish towns and key locations, the race runs under a ‘rolling road closure’ managed by the Police with support from the National Escort Group. This means roads will only be closed for the time it takes for the race to pass.
For the race to travel safely through the village, it is necessary to introduce some additional traffic management on the day of the race. This consists of:

  • A clearway along the race route
    • To ensure the safe passage of the race it is necessary to implement a clearway (no waiting or parking) through towns and villages on the route. Any vehicles parked illegally within the clearway will be removed by a recovery vehicle that travels in advance of the race.
  • Advanced warning signs

Devon County Council have placed advance warning signs at key locations on the route to ensure residents, businesses and visitors are aware of the event, any likely delays, road closures and clearways.
It’s hoped that everyone joins in to spectate this event and make it a fabulous day out. Click for details of Partnership Toolkit.

Covid-19 Alert - Devon Designated an 'Enhanced Response Area'

Coronavirus case rates in the far South West are so high the government is prioritising the area for additional support to drive down case numbers. It doesn't mean another local lockdown, but it does mean that local authorities will have more flexibility to introduce additional public health measures if considered necessary. Most coronavirus cases in Devon are among late teens and younger adults. Socialising is seen as the main driver for the rise in case numbers. It's not unexpected, given the removal of restrictions and the opening up of opportunities to mix. Devon is a popular destination and attracts visitors. Devon is already working with their neighbouring authorities and Public Health England, but the enhanced response area designation means that they're now also working with the government to see what else can be done to reduce Devon's coronavirus case rate. They need you to work with them too. Please do your bit by:

Rolling Stones Drummer, Charlie Watts, Dies Aged 80

A photograph of Charlie Watts smiling while seated behind a drum kit and a picture of a set of drums with a "closed" sign have been shared by his Rolling Stones bandmates by way of a tribute. Charlie Watts, the band’s drummer, died aged 80 in a London hospital on Tuesday, weeks after it was announced he’d miss the Rolling Stones' US tour starting next month to recover from an unspecified medical procedure. Singer Sir Mick Jagger used no words to describe Watts when he posted the photograph of him smiling with his drums on Twitter and Instagram. Neither did guitarist Keith Richards when he shared his picture of a drumkit with no one behind them. They’re just two of the many tributes that have been pouring in for the man who once said: "I don't know what showbiz is and I've never watched MTV. There are people who just play instruments, and I'm pleased to know that I'm one of them."

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