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Welcome to the official website of Strete in Devon, England, which is managed by Strete Parish Council. Strete is about a fifteen minute drive from Dartmouth. It is to be found on the high coastal ground at the eastern end of Slapton Sands. It's a good place to stay if you like exploring the local beaches and is also convenient for Kingsbridge, Totnes and Salcombe. Strete is situated on the South West Coastal Footpath and, with a variety of accommodation in the village, it is an ideal location to take a break in your journey. Take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful AONB surroundings.

 Latest News

Covid-19 Roadmap to Remove Restrictions

Whilst we all look forward to a relaxation of the national regulations, it’s vital that we continue to exercise caution. COVID-19 is an extremely infectious virus, and is still very much present in the community. Cases in Devon have remained relatively low compared to elsewhere in the country and we do not want to see cases rising again. All the changes will be England-wide with no return to regional tiers. The only exception could be localised efforts if a new variant of the virus is detected. There are dates given for each step that are subject to change as the plan will be guided by data rather than dates, so some stages of reopening could be delayed. Before proceeding to the next step, the latest data will be examined to assess the impact of previous steps. This is why there is a minimum of five weeks between each step – four weeks to collect and assess data and then a week for people and businesses to prepare for the next step.
The decision to move to the next step will be assessed against four tests:
  The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.
2.   Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.
3.   Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.
4.   The government’s assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new COVID-19 variants of concern.
Details of the opening dates and what restrictions will be eased can be found by clicking here.

Should We Learn To Live With Covid-19 Rather Than Fight It

The government says it hopes to make Covid-19 a manageable disease like flu. Vaccination and new treatments will reduce the death rate, allowing us to live with the virus rather than constantly trying to fight it. Is this the right approach? Is it possible? Wiping Covid-19 from the face of the Earth would, of course, be great given the death and destruction it has caused. However, this has only been achieved with one virus before - smallpox in 1980. It is easy to forget flu kills. Back in 2017-18 more than 20,000 people died from it. It was a harsh, cold winter and deaths from other causes rose too, pushing excess winter deaths close to 50,000. Society barely blinked. We have lived alongside viruses for millennia. Will we do the same with Covid?

Bending The Rules Costs Lives

Devon has the lowest case rates of all upper tier council authorities in the country, with six of the county's eight District areas among those with fewest cases of coronavirus. While that is good news it is too soon for celebration. Case numbers are continuing to fall in most parts of Devon and that's because people, in the main, are adhering to the national restrictions. Case numbers can go up quickly as well as go down. Many Devon cases are in the working age population, with outbreaks occurring in some workplaces. Please don't be complacent or drop your guard, either in the workplace or indeed travelling to or from work.
Check out the latest news here.

Royal Mail Scam

The latest scam doing the rounds is one (supposedly) received from Royal Mail saying they had been unable to deliver a parcel twice and that a fee of £3 was needed to arrange for a delivery time. How Royal Mail could know your email address raised suspicions. On checking with the Sorting Office in Dartmouth and quoting the 2 sets of numbers of the package referred to in the email, they had nothing with those numbers in their system and confirmed they would have dropped one of their cards into the letter box to arrange collection or a date for delivery. Had the £3 been paid the scammers would almost certainly have used details of the account used to extract a lot more cash. Be aware and stay alert. Remember scammers are always on the look out for ways to get to your cash.

Boost to Localities Service Team

South Hams District Council has approved the creation of four new seasonal posts in its Localities Team, to boost the service provided to residents in the spring and summer months. The summer influx of visitors leads to a greater need for the services carried out by Locality Officers, such as community engagement and environmental enforcement. The additional seasonal officers will support the team in providing a seven day service throughout the summer months, operating between Easter and the end of September. The new officers will be working throughout the South Hams, building on the success of last summer, where staff worked at weekends to help protect the local environment and help keep people safe during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The additional officers, who will be completely mobile and spend each day patrolling the district, will be more visible than ever before and will be able to quickly respond to reports made online by residents, businesses and visitors. The Localities Team, made up of officers on-the-ground who carry out important inspection and monitoring functions, has been restructured for the first time since its creation in 2015. This change has been made to improve and provide a consistent, visible presence within the community. 

Recruitment of Special Constables.
Special Constables provide support to regular officers and contribute to the local community. They give 16 hours of their time each month, have the same powers as Police Officers; and undergo dedicated training and development.
Devon and Cornwall Police are currently open for recruitment of Special Constables. This recruitment window will close on Monday the 15th of February 2021.
For more information about the role and to apply please visit their website here -

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