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Welcome to the official website of Strete in Devon, England, which is managed by Strete Parish Council. Strete is about a fifteen minute drive from Dartmouth. It is to be found on the high coastal ground at the eastern end of Slapton Sands. It's a good place to stay if you like exploring the local beaches and is also convenient for Kingsbridge, Totnes and Salcombe. Strete is situated on the South West Coastal Footpath and, with a variety of accommodation in the village, it is an ideal location to take a break in your journey. Take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful AONB surroundings.

 Latest News

South Hams Car Park Charges Return on 1st June

South Hams District Council will begin charging again for car parks from 1 June.
The Council is advising people to use the RingGo payment app where possible to help limit the spread of COVID-19.
The Council’s concern is for the safety of car park users, local communities and their staff. It is estimated that the virus can survive for several days on hard surfaces. Therefore, they wish to minimise the need for people to touch the parking machines where possible. Social distancing will be a feature of our lives for some time to come and we all need to take action to limit the spread of the virus. If everyone continues to show a willingness to adapt, we can further protect our population as we move forward. If you need to use the machines, we suggest that you carry hand sanitiser to clean your hands before and after using them. Please respect other car park users and keep two metres apart while queuing for the machine.
Ringo is an excellent way to make parking quick and easy as well as safe. You no longer need to carry change to pay for parking, you do not have to go to the parking machine and there is no ticket to display. While parked, you can extend your parking time without needing to return to your car and you can even get a VAT receipt if you need one for your business.
If you register with RingGo and download the app, your mobile phone number and payment information will be saved ready for when you want to park your car.
Each car park has a unique location code, so if you are worried that there will be no signal at the carpark, you can set up payment before you leave home.
You can check the codes for each car park on the South Hams website at
Go online at - Download the RingGo application for your iPhone or Android phone from the Apple Store or the Android Play Store.

Developing Local Track and Trace Plans

As we begin to release lockdown and carefully get things up and running again it is welcome news that local councils are to be put at the centre of developing new localised test, track and contain plans.
Our closeness to local communities, wide expertise, and trusted local partnerships will really help Devon bring together local plans that work for us over the weeks and months ahead. Together we can build on the tremendous community response that has helped keep the number of cases so low in Devon so far, and get our economy moving again as fast as we can.
Councils will receive a share of an extra £300 million to help establish these local plans, which will include coordination and management of infection control, tracking and tracing, and local testing arrangements.
Full details and more can be found by clicking on this link

Repeat the Message

To interpret the released restriction changes the community were required to use their own judgement in respect of the advised safety.
Local feedback suggests there are many people from outside the area visiting and camping. This is not behaving responsibly! There was always going to be those who would flout the new rules and travel to the least affected area. Cafés and restaurants remain closed, there is a lack of open facilities, we do not have lifeguards on our beaches and toilets are still closed.
Most local-residents have resisted the temptation to break the rules.
With so many people visiting from outside the area it might be wise to wear face masks in the short-term whilst taking daily exercise, visiting family or collecting goods from the shop. It’s important we all continue to undertake appropriate social distancing measures and ensure that we do not gather in groups with people from outside our home. All part of the tracking process. Remember, our actions can affect others.
Before you leave your home. ‘Think Twice’. Is it necessary, is it safe? Personal responsibility is key to beating Covid 19. ‘Think Twice’ and help save lives.

South Hams Beach Car Parks & Toilets Update

Beach car parks reopen this weekend and South Hams District Council is promoting contactless payment via the RingGo App.
Government Guidance says that you can now ‘drive to outdoor open spaces, including beaches and beauty spots’. In response South Hams District Council will reopen car parks at North Sands, Slapton and Bigbury. To help the public visit beaches safely, South Hams District Council are strongly advising users to download and pay using the RingGo app whenever possible. This enables touch free payment and minimises the risk of the spread of Covid-19. The main concern is for the safety of car park users, the local communities and SHDC staff.
The Council have provided the RingGo codes for each car park so that, where a mobile phone signal is limited, you can set up your RingGo payment before arrival.
The codes are:

  • Bigbury: 3476
  • Torcross Layby: 3469
  • Torcross Tank: 3490
  • Strete Gate: 3485
  • North Sands: 3489

If it is not possible to pay via RingGo, the pay and display machines can be used but users must maintain social distancing and use the machines responsibly.
If the car park is full please do not park on the highway as this may cause congestion and risk the ability to maintain social distancing.
SHDC plan to reopen toilets at North Sands, Bigbury and Slapton in time for the next Bank Holiday on 23rd to 25th May.
So far the virus rates have been low in this region compared to other areas and the Council wish to maintain this and protect its vulnerable communities.
With this in mind the Government’s clarification that 'leaving your home - the place you live - to stay at another home for a holiday or other purpose' is not allowed. This includes visiting second homes.

VE Day 75 Virtual Celebrations

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