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Welcome to the official website of Strete in Devon, England, which is managed by Strete Parish Council. Strete is about a fifteen minute drive from Dartmouth. It is to be found on the high coastal ground at the eastern end of Slapton Sands. It's a good place to stay if you like exploring the local beaches and is also convenient for Kingsbridge, Totnes and Salcombe. Strete is situated on the South West Coastal Footpath and, with a variety of accommodation in the village, it is an ideal location to take a break in your journey. Take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful AONB surroundings.

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Citizens Advice South Hams

Citizens Advice advisors help people find a way forward with their problems and campaign on big issues when their voices need to be heard.
They value diversity, champion equality and challenge discrimination and harassment. Contact them on: -
Phone: 0800 144 88 48
Text: 0800 144 88 84
Email: Use the form on the website
WhatsApp: 07497 758 779
or locally at: - Dartmouth
Dartmouth Community Hub, Townstal Community Hall, Davis Road, Dartmouth, TQ9 9LJ
Every Friday 11.30 am-1.00pm
Drop-ins welcome.

Kings Arms Takeaway Menu

Prepare for Lockdown 2

No alternative to a another lockdown?
The majority in the country have taken ownership of their responsibilities to protect themselves and others by observing the rules. Sadly, not everyone has. Was it right to try regional lockdowns? It's what the majority thought would work in order to keep the R infection rate below 1 and help get the economy get back on its feet. Hindsight has shown that it hasn't worked and we move back into a national lockdown on Thursday. We all wanted to get things back to normal and pushed for the easing of the rules from the first lockdown. So, how do we approach this new lockdown? This time it's going to be harder. No real opportunity to work in the garden and the grass stops growing, all that's left is to pick up a few leaves. The weather gets worse and the days get shorter. So what do we do to keep ourselves cheerful. Stay at home and look out for each other. Keep in touch with friends and neighbours through social media or by simply picking up the telephone. Keep fit - get into a daily routine of some simple exercises -stretching, bending and walking around the village, maybe twice a day. Always wear a mask when outside your home and wash you hands when you get back indoors.
The village shop and post office was our saviour in the spring and has continued to provide an exceptional service. Monica & Andy have kept themselves safe to be able to provide us with our daily necessities. If you need a home delivery contact them on 01803 770225. The Kings Arms pub is planning takeaways that will help support the decision to re-open the pub and provide a local hot food service to the community. Contact Craig on 07742 473266. Check this website regularly for updates or use the contact form if you need assistance.

Strete Parish Hall - Christmas Grand Draw

Last Chance Cafe

We are fast approaching the peak in infections last seen in the spring, with cases rising in every age group and region of England. And while infections are highest in the North, they are surging more rapidly in the South: -

  • The number of people infected - one in every 78 - has more than doubled since last month's survey
  • One in every 37 people in Yorkshire and the Humber has the virus
  • Three times as many people aged 55-64 are infected as last month and twice as many over 65s
  • The R number - the average number of people infected by each person with the virus - has increased from 1.15 to 1.56
  • The South East, South West and east of England all have an R above 2.0. London's is estimated at 2.86

If we all want to keep free of the virus we have to, once again, take personal responsibility of our actions when out and about.
We have lots of visitors for half-term week and some that will stay longer. Unless you know them well, be courteous but do not mix outside your home.
Wear a face mask at all times if you have to go out and wash your hands regularly. Stay at home unless you have to go out.
We have a month to get the R value down or face another enforced lockdown. Let's do what's needed together.

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