Strete, Devon Strete

All photographs copyright Nick Shepherd

Parish Council Members

Peter Hales - 01803 770739
4 Crestfields, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0SD
Peter is the Chairman of the Parish Council and parish liaison with our neighbouring parishes. He ensures the speed [VAS] sign is kept operational and is the community transport liaison for the parish. Other responsibilities include the coordination of the Parish response to the Climate Change Emergency.

Graham Campbell - 01803 770450
Sea Drift, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0RS 
Graham looks after the Village Green which involves all aspects of husbandry of this village asset. He oversees the maintenance of Prideaux Lane as a Right of Way. Graham also works with local welfare organisations to coordinate their work in Strete. With Kate Gill he represents Strete Parish on the Slapton Line Partnership. Finally, he works with Ian, Kate and South Hams District Council to represent the parish’s interests down at Strete Gate carpark and motorhomes visiting the area.

Ralph Clark 01803 770954
Weatherley, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0RS 
Ralph handles all planning matters which arise in the parish. This includes Strete Neighbourhood Plan and all planning applications submitted to SHDC, as the parish council is consulted on all planning applications. He shares responsibility for roads with Louise and focuses on road safety and maintenance.

Ian Cumberlidge 01803 770020
1 Seacroft, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0RU

Ian is the tree warden for the village which means he keeps a close eye on trees in the village. He also looks after the footpaths and keeps an eye on Strete Gate along with Kate and Graham. He oversees running of the Playpark. 

Kate Gill 01548 511441
The Bench Mark, Kernborough TQ7 2LL
Kate is our joint representative on the Slapton Line Partnership and has been involved with this over several years.

Louise Newman
01803 770224
Asherne House, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0RW
Louise is the other contact for any concerns on roads. Her responsibilities include litter and hedges.

David Rothwell 01803 770322
8 The Plat, Strete, Dartmouth TQ6 0SE
David is responsible for health and safety in the village. He looks after the defibrillator in the phone box, organises regular training on its use, and is the roads warden for winter gritting. He represents the parish council in respect of the recent Asset of Community Value grant and other parish matters at the Kings Arms pub and is the council representative at the Parish Hall.

(Kingsbridge & Stokenham Ward)
Julian Brazil 01548 511109
Crab Cottage, East Prawle, Kingsbridge TQ7 2DA
Julian represents Devon County Council at our monthly meetings. That means he speaks on all matters to do with Highways, some waste management, education, libraries, social services, and health. He is also Chair of the Development Management i.e., Planning Committee at South Hams District Council.

DISTRICT COUNCILLOR (Allington and Strete Ward)
Richard Foss 01548 511234
Down Farm, Chivelstone, Kingsbridge TQ7 2NQ
Richard is the district councillor for our ward. He represents South Hams District Council across areas which include planning, waste collection, public toilets, car parking, licencing, and pest control. The District Council also levies and collects Council Tax on behalf of all precepting authorities. He is also Vice-Chair of the Development Management Committee at South Hams District Council and Chairman of the Council for 2021/22.