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Stete Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Purpose of the Group

To Prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish, in consultation with the wider community, local groups and interested parties.
Objectives of the Group
To facilitate the process of achieving an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan for the future development and sustainability of the Parish of Strete.
The Neighbourhood Plan will be produced with due consideration for the needs of all residents and businesses in the area, now and in the future.
The Neighbourhood Plan will seek to improve the social, economic and environmental well- being of the area and those residing within it.
Membership & Governance
The Steering Group shall achieve the following goals in partnership with the Parish Council:
      1. Manage and co-ordinate the production of a draft Neighbourhood Plan that is representative of local views.
      2. Co-ordinate effective engagement with all members of the community on a number of aspects relating to the Neighbourhood Plan.
      3. Effectively communicate findings, ideas and approaches for the Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish Council and the wider community.
      4. Identify support, resources and funding needed for stages of the process.
      5. Manage the decision making process in an open, transparent and accessible way.
      6. Identify areas, or specific sites, to accommodate development, that may be necessary, consistent with the South Hams Policy.
      7. Consider growth that is suitable for the Parish of Strete as part of maintaining a balanced and happy community.
      8. Produce appropriate timescales and delivery mechanisms for the Neighbourhood Plan.
      9. Produce a Neighbourhood Plan that is consistent with national and District policies.
      10. To take the Neighbourhood Plan to adoption by the District Council.

Membership of the Steering Group will comprise of six Parish Councillors initially and nine volunteers drawn from the local community who expressed an interest during the initial consultation with a maximum of 15 members at any one time.

The Steering Group shall elect its own officers in accordance with a clear structure to be publicly available.
The Steering Group shall appoint Working Groups to operate on its behalf.
Involvement in the Working Groups shall be drawn from volunteers in the community that live, operate a business, or hold a specific interest in the Parish of Strete and have expressed an interest in taking part.

They will be expected to exercise balanced consideration for the needs of all aspects of the local community.

Members may be excluded from the Steering Group or Working Group for conduct and behaviour that is disruptive and does not promote the aims and objectives of the Steering Group or Working Group.
Exclusion of members will by a majority vote of the Steering Group.
The Steering Group shall not be affiliated to any political party, but will welcome the involvement of councillors as community representatives.
Declarations of Interest will be dealt with as per the Parish Council’s Standing Orders, in that anyone who has a pecuniary interest in the policy/project under discussion will be asked to declare it, and if deemed necessary will not take part in that discussion.
This may include membership of an organisation, ownership of land or a business, or any other matter that may be considered to be relevant.
Such declarations shall be recorded and be publicly available
Members of the Steering Group will debate the issues and policies inherent in the production of the Plan in consultation with the community.
Members with particular expertise in certain areas will head up specific projects / policies.
Organisations and businesses may assist in the production of the Neighbourhood Plan and may contribute to the cost of producing it.
Details of any donations or assistance must be made publicly available and must not influence the recommendations of the plan.
When required, members can be replaced or invited to attend to further a project or policy, or if a member is not willing or able to continue as a member of the Steering Group.
The community will be encouraged to share knowledge and contribute during the process. A minimum of seven voting members of The Steering Group will represent a quorum enabling the aims and objectives of the Group to be considered.
Votes are only available for members of The Steering Group.
The Working Groups shall meet as and when necessary for their particular project.
At least 5 clear working days’ notice shall be provided for each Working Group meeting with discussion topics circulated at the same time.
Discussion topics and agendas for any meetings that the public may attend should be made publicly available at least 5 clear days prior to the meeting.
Reporting and Feedback
The Steering Group shall aim to meet once per calendar month, or as may be required, with a minimum of seven days’ notice given prior to a meeting taking place.
Agenda items should be agreed with the chairperson(s) at least seven clear working days and will be circulated at least five clear working days prior to the meeting.

Any meeting of the ‘Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group’ must be public with the time, date and location of the meeting announced 7 days’ prior. Notice of any meeting is to be given by email circulation to SPC councillors and the placing of a notice advising the time/date and location of the meeting on the Public Noticeboard. A nominated individual shall maintain minutes of each meeting to be made reasonably available to the members of the Steering Group within seven days of the meeting and to members of the public within fourteen days of the meeting.

Any matters of disagreement at a meeting may be decided upon by a majority of votes. Voting by Members of the Steering Group will be by a show of hands, and a majority decision adopted, with a quorum of six required for any vote, the Chairman having a casting vote if necessary.

All meetings, minutes and notices will be in the public domain and will be put on the Parish Council’s website and Public Notice Boards, copies will be kept by the Parish Clerk for public inspection. Meetings are open to all members of the Parish to attend and all groups and interested parties will be encouraged to participate
Any contentious issue not able to be dealt with by the Steering Group, will be put to the Parish Council for resolution.
Resources and Finance
Grant funding applications from the Sustainable Community Locality Fund will be applied for as well as investigating other funding streams. Mentoring and guidance from Officers at South Hams District Council to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for the Parish will also be applied for. Subsequent resources required will be determined by the Steering Group.
The Parish Council should oversee the expenditure and programme of work as advised by the Steering Group, in consultation with the community. Any recommendation to amend the numbers of the Steering Group, or change the projects/policies already confirmed, will be referred to the Parish Council for a decision.
Monitoring & Review
Monitoring of the plan will be ongoing, with regular reports from the Steering Group, and progress will be monitored by the Parish Council. The adoption of a Neighbourhood Development Plan is vital to ensure a vibrant, sustainable and environmentally healthy Parish for future generations.


What new housing is needed, what for, where should it be and what should it look like. Also, where housing should NOT go, and what it should NOT look like. Bring vacant or derelict buildings back into use.

Business Development

Whether the local economy would benefit from limited commercial development that would allow local people the opportunity to start up their own businesses and generate employment opportunities. If so, where could units go?

Roads & Transport

With a growing village population – and more housing – are there existing or foreseeable communication and access problems, and what could be done to alleviate them? Consider the need for additional car parking.

Public Spaces

Protect existing public spaces and recreation facilities, and earmark sites for new ones. Enhance those that already exist.


Plan for the provision of school, health, recreation and other facilities. Preserve and enhance the character of the locality. Ensure that new development is compatible with the built and natural environment. Ensure that the needs of the outlying areas of the parish are considered and taken into account.

Planning Consent

Once the Plan is in place, give planning permission for things the community wants to see happen.