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Welcome to the official website of Strete in Devon, England, which is managed by Strete Parish Council. Strete is about a fifteen minute drive from Dartmouth. It is to be found on the high coastal ground at the eastern end of Slapton Sands. It's a good place to stay if you like exploring the local beaches and is also convenient for Kingsbridge, Totnes and Salcombe. Strete is situated on the South West Coastal Footpath and, with a variety of accommodation in the village, it is an ideal location to take a break in your journey. Take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful AONB surroundings.

 Latest News

Covid-19 Update from Devon County Council

Devon's data shows a rise in COVID-19 cases but the infection rate is still comparatively low. There are currently 61 cases across the whole of Devon reported in the latest data and a little over half of those have been new cases in Exeter. These are cases linked to the University of Exeter where a number of students who have recently arrived for the start of term already with the virus have inadvertently passed it on to their housemates. They, and their households, are all self-isolating and following public health advice and there's no evidence at this stage of the virus spreading into the community. The data is being monitored closely so that an immediate response can be put in place to changes should they arise. The University has introduced a comprehensive range of measures in preparation for the new term, including arranging their own rigorous Test and Trace programme, so that they are not taking up NHS Test and Trace resources.
Follow this link for full data information

Let's All Stick Together and Help Each Other

The UK faces an unquestionably difficult winter and must summon discipline, resolve and a spirit of togetherness to get through the coronavirus pandemic. There have been too many breaches of the rules, which are leading to a surge in coronavirus infections, resulting in new restrictions to try to peg things back. The country is walking a fine line - some are unhappy at the prospect of restrictions continuing for another six months, while some scientists question whether the new measures go far enough. The public is tiring of the battle against coronavirus. With hospital admissions and deaths still low, there's a window of opportunity before more difficult action has to be taken. However, it's likely that infections will continue to rise and those choices will become more unavoidable. At that point, it will come down to how far further restrictions are imposed towards another full lockdown. It is, therefore, down to each and every one of us to stick together and continue to help each other over the coming weeks and months. It's a tough ask but a necessary one if we are to remain positive and get through the Autumn and Winter months. We all have to keep to the rules and guidelines we have been asked to abide by.

There's only so many films anyone can watch on Netflix - there's only so much sport you can watch in your own home - there comes a time when the best of us tire from cooking every day, we all love to have a meal out where someone else does the cooking and washing up. Unfortunately, we have to face reality and accept that's how it's going to be for the next six months or so. So, be kind, be understanding and helpful to each other and your friends, neighbours and members of your community.

Covid-19 - The Latest

We must keep on protecting each other as Covid-19's second wave of infection grows across the country.
Letting our residents and visitors know what’s happening and what they need to do to help keep everyone safe is key to preventing, identifying and controlling local outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Devon. Follow this link for more information.
When seeing friends and family you do not live with you should not meet in groups of more than six people. If you do, you'll be breaking the law.
When you do see people who are not part of your household, it's important to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Remember - hands, face, space. It's also a good idea to limit how many different people you see socially over a short period of time and meet people outdoors where practical as being outside together is safer than being indoors because fresh air provides better ventilation.

Prepare for NHS COVID-19 app

The government is launching the NHS COVID-19 app in England and Wales on Thursday 24 September.
We all need to know about this and how it will work, because we're all likely to come upon it in our day to day lives.
Here's how it works.
Right now though, businesses and other venues across England and Wales (like places of worship or community organisations with a physical location that is open to the public; or an event which is taking place in a physical location), are being urged by government to ensure that they have NHS 'QR' code posters visible at their entrances, in advance of Thursday 24 September. Some businesses already use their own QR system, but they are being asked by government to switch to the NHS Test and Trace QR code.

New Covi-19 Rules

Social gatherings of more than six people are to be banned in England in an effort to curb a steep rise in coronavirus cases. The restrictions will come in from Monday 14/09/2020 and be backed by law - breaches could result in a fine of £100, doubling on each repeat offence up to £3,200. Guidelines already limit most outdoor gatherings to six people, but until now the police have had no powers to stop them unless they exceeded 30. The new rules will apply both indoors and outdoors, although there will be exceptions. They won't apply to schools, workplaces, weddings, funerals and organised team sports as long as Covid-secure guidance is followed. If your household or support bubble is larger than six you'll also be exempt. Ministers and health advisers believe the country is at a critical moment and more action will be taken if these steps aren't enough. The average rate of new infections is now four times higher than it was in mid-July - clearly a cause for concern. It is essential that we do not relax the discipline of Social Distancing guidelines in the South Hams. We have religiously stuck to the rules and, as a result, have one of the lowest infection rates in the country. We all have a responsibility to reduce the spread of this virus. Observe the guidelines, respect the rules and stay safe.

Scientists' Stark Warnings

"People have relaxed too much." That's the message from England's deputy chief medical officer, as coronavirus case numbers continue to increase sharply. Those words were echoed by a second senior government scientific adviser from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Cases are increasing significantly and the UK is heading towards a "risky period".
Both experts accept that hospital admissions and deaths remain very low and, so far, the surge in infections is predominantly among the young and less vulnerable. However, they also believe there's been a significant and concerning change across the country in recent days that, unless people alter their behaviour, could mean things rapidly change. The scientists' warnings come as more parts of the UK are facing local restrictions and stricter rules on home visits. Meanwhile, holidaymakers on seven Greek islands are facing a rush to get back to England in time to avoid quarantine.

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